Carrier Engagement

CHES Special Risk aim to deliver enhanced value to both our supporting Retail Brokers and our supporting capacity Providers, in the case of our Insurers, we understand the difficulties encountered in delivering share holder value, in the way of profitable Underwriting return and in that regard, we look to work with supporting Insurers in identifying Portfolio's of risk that is of appetite to the Insurer, and meet our value proposition.

Market Aware

We offer our Carrier Partners access to our market knowledge and experience in identifying market share and comparing Broker and Client trends, which we are then able to translate into specific Product opportunity, resulting in higher Client retention, through our Broker distribution, ultimately delivering risk appetite to our Carrier Partners and further identifying opportunity and entry into a new market.

Market View

Our Underwriting and management team have had extensive experience both at home, and internationally, as Underwriters and Wholesale Brokers, giving us unique capability across a wide range of Insurance Business, over many years, these include classes of risk, such as Property, Casualty, Speciality lines, Accident and Health, Aviation and Marine, to name but a few, enabling us to identify market trends and opportunities.

Market Engagement

We offer our Carrier Partners a unique method of distribution and communication, un rivalled in the MGA/Wholesale industry today, and that is to engage directly with our Retail Broker distribution, to identify a sales team, able to engage with Clients and deliver the exact Product or class of risk, that reflects the appetite of the Insurers Underwriting team, thus ensuring a profitability of portfolio, and a long term stable income stream, managed by the marketing and Underwriting team at CHES Special Risk, to ensure compliance and Portfolio dynamics.