CHES Special Risk is an underwriter that your Insurance broker may never have mentioned to you. We have been in business since 2004, and specialise in the Forestry, Mining and Construction industries.

Considered to be one of the pre-eminent insurance package providers to the Construction and Engineering markets, across Canada. Our unique offering is to cover the risks that traditional package insurers may miss or provide at inadequate levels.

We design our products to provide a specific and tailored policy that gives the Contractor realistic cover at the right price.

We split our Insurance offerings into different discipline’s, which we would summarise as follows:


We can cover mobile and static equipment associated with the Forestry, Mining and Construction Industries from bunchers to bulldozers and excavators to generators, pumps to manual hoists to tower cranes, and logging and wood chip trucks and trailers, and hand tools.

Coverage Highlights:

  • All risks coverage wordings.
  • New for Old replacement on items of Plant up to five-years-old, maybe extended to items of plant up to 5-years-old.
  • Towing charges, loss of use payments and debris removal / clean up costs are offered as standard.
  • If multiple items are lost or damaged in one occurrence, only one deductible will be charged.


Comprehensive General Liability insurance for a wide range of businesses, including forestry, welding and many others

It’s fair to say that if your activity’s interact with the public on a daily basis or your business activities are performed in a public area, you will need a General Liability cover.

We provide limits of General Liability of $5 million to $10 million or higher, that are not aggregated, and extend to include the following, as standard.

Employers’ Benefits Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance enables you to meet the cost of compensation awarded to injured employees as well as associated legal costs.

Errors and Omissions Indemnity (protects against compensation claims)

We protect you by covering the cost of a claim for compensation. But even if a court case is unsuccessful, you can also claim back the cost of defense in court, and receive legal advice through-out the process.

Tenants Legal Liability

In cases where the tenant causes fire damage to the rented property, if you rent a portion of your facilities and have a fire then the tenant legal liability will cover the damages to the area they occupy.

Faulty Workmanship

Most insurance policies won’t cover the fixing of faulty workmanship or even the damage that is caused, or even aggravated, by faulty workmanship, ours does.

Faulty workmanship is manufacturing or installation that is done poorly or incorrectly. This faulty workmanship can show up as a leaky roof, buckling walls, or bad wiring.

Pollution Coverage

Pollution is often viewed as something that happens to “other” companies – the ones who deal in hazardous materials and contaminants. Policies are extended to include the risk of Sudden and Accidental Pollution.

Course of Construction and Builders Risk Package

We offer COC/Builders risk coverages for periods of up to 50 months, and are able to accept any form of projects from the clearing of a mine site and construction of infrastructure to projects that that are 100% frame.

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