Navigating the complex and ever-changing insurance industry can be difficult due to the various types of insurance policies and providers available. Commercial Insurance Brokers are essential in helping businesses find the right coverage for their needs. However, the key to being a great commercial insurance broker is working with an experienced Underwriter. Such an underwriter can make a significant difference in ensuring clients get the best possible coverage and service which ultimately leads to the success and longevity of their business.


At CHES Special Risk, we take great pride in the exceptional team of commercial underwriters we have across Canada. We understand the critical impact that our underwriters have on brokers and their clients’ business success and longevity, and we are confident that we can deliver unparalleled service and coverages. Brokers can trust us to provide the expertise and support they need to stay competitive and thrive in their respective markets.  


Who are Commercial Underwriters and What do They Do?

Commercial underwriters evaluate insurance policies for businesses based on risk and decide whether to approve or decline coverage. They specialize in different type of insurances and use various resources to make informed decisions, set premiums, negotiate terms, and ensure policies align with clients’ needs.

Why Should Insurance Brokers Choose CHES for Commercial Underwriting Services?

When it comes to commercial underwriting services, CHES Special Risk is the ideal choice for insurance brokers. With our extensive expertise and industry knowledge, we provide quick and efficient underwriting services. Partnering with CHES means gaining access to comprehensive underwriting support, prompt service, and a trusted relationship that helps you deliver exceptional value to your clients. 

If you’re an insurance broker struggling to manage clients with complicated insurance needs, CHES Commercial Underwriters are the solution. The experienced commercial underwriters provide personalized service, tailored coverage solutions, and competitive pricing. 


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