CHES Special Risk Inc. devises product solution for vape & e-cigarettes & the retailers that sell them

Toronto, Ontario – CHES Special Risk Inc. today announced the launch of their E-Cigarettes and VAPE Programme, with unique and innovative Product mix.

‘We have seen a large broker demand to combat a surge in the numerous owner operated E-Cigarette / E-Vape shops & kiosks, as well as assembly and manufacturer risks, and in keeping with CHES philosophy of developing a solution for new Industry risks, we are pleased to launch our programme for the many risks involved with this new Industry’, said Douglas Everett, President of CHES Special Risk Inc..

CHES Special Risk are able to provide capacity for Property and General Liability risks, associated with the selling of the equipment and the flavourings, as well as the Property coverage for the content of the stores and their stock and merchandise.


CHES Special Risk Inc. was established as a Managing General Agent and Wholesale broker in 2004, in response to broker demand to a hardening marketplace, commencing with a particular specialty in the entertainment and hospitality business, later becoming a fully accredited Lloyd’s coverholder in 2009.

We have seen a large broker demand to combat a surge in the numerous owner operated e-cigarettes & e-vape shops & kiosks

CHES Special Risk are a fully Independent MGA delivering “A” rated capacity both in the hard to place, and standard lines classes and support their retail brokers in growing and developing their businesses.

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