Ches Supports the Construction Industry with a Wide Array of New Capacity and Product Mix


Ottawa, Ontario – CHES Special Risk Inc. today announced the launch of their Construction and Engineering division, with a unique and innovative product mix.

“The Construction Industry is one of the bedrocks of the Canadian economy, and is an area of expertise where we have developed one of the largest product offerings, here at CHES Special Risk Inc., as we fully support the grassroots recovery of the economy”, said Douglas Everett, President of CHES Special Risk Inc.

“Our capabilities now extend to both Non-Combustible and Frame Construction Projects, running for periods of up to 48 months, Wrap Up General Liability, either with the Project covers, or stand-alone, Contractors Plant and Machinery, as a Blanket Program, or linked to the Project, offering new for old replacement on certain items of the schedule, our Artisans General Liability Program, again available as part of a project, or stand-alone, gives the Contractor GL, E&O, Faulty Workmanship, Fungi and Asbestos, Accidental Seepage and Pollution, and best of all, we now include Cyber Liability coverage, at no extra charge “Construction The Engineering Department at CHES Special Risk Inc. is also able to offer stand alone and site-specific Environmental coverage and has arranged for discounted premium financing through their retail brokers, on all items bound through the department, to ease the cost of the insurance placement.