A round of applause for Christine Hirst, Vice President of CHES Special Risk, for making it to the “Top 45 Insurance Business Canada Magazine’s Elite Women 2020″ list.

After transitioning out of the graphic design field, Christine Hirst started working in sales for an insurance magazine, which marked the first step in a lifelong career shift. A decade after her first position as the magazines junior marketer, Hirst has become a vicepresident of broker solutions, marketing and distribution at MGA CHES Special Risk. I cant imagine another career where coworkers are a constant source of inspiration for marketing every day brings different challenges, and professional relationships with people from all over the world are forged,she says

On top of her daily responsibilities, Hirst says she strives to be an inspiration to young female professionals,serving as an advocate for womens issues within the company and emphasizing the importance of hiring the right person for the job, a credo that has led to a female majority senior management team. Hirst says she looks forward to continuing to encourage her employeesInsurance education, promote their personal development and further CHES standing as equal opportunity employer not just by implementing policies, but also by leading by example