Landlord insurance provided by CHES special risk inc. supports the Airbnb and rental market.


Ottawa, Ontario – CHES Special Risk Inc. today announced the launch of their market leading Landlord Insurance Program.

“A substantial amount of property is now owned by the Amateur Landlord, hoping to pay their mortgage by renting on Airbnb or to students in a university city, but there are some serious exposures that Landlords take on, and hope that their regular homeowners policy will respond if there is an issue, either with the property, or with a liability issue “, said Douglas Everett, President of CHES Special Risk Inc. landlord

“Professional and amateur landlords alike are sometimes unaware of the exposures when it comes to providing a tenant with a place to live. What happens if the place burns down, where does the tenant go to live, and who pays for that?, Does the property get rebuilt under a regular homeowners policy, and if there is a slip and fall where the pathway hasn’t been cleaned properly by a tenant, who is liable, tenant or landlord?”

The Landlord Department at CHES Special Risk Inc. is also able to offer a comprehensive Buildings and Contents package, which includes fixtures and fittings, liability, loss of rental income coverages, and support with Criminal Record and Credit Referencing Check services, are all part of the services expected from CHES Special Risk Inc.