CHES Special Risk Inc. is one of the pre-eminent Insurance Package providers. Our unique offering is to cover the risks that traditional package insurers may miss or provide at inadequate levels. We therefore design our products to provide a specific and tailored policy that gives you realistic cover at the right price.

Active Assailant Insurance

Policies protecting against losses sustained in the aftermath of an active assailant event.

Medical expenses and counselling costs for third parties and employees

  • Crisis management service
    – Pre and post loss advice and support from crisis management experts
  • Employee retraining and/or recruitment costs
  • Time element losses
  • First party property damage


A pre-meditated attack carried out by an active assailant using a vehicle, explosive device or any handheld weapon that results in:

  • Property damage at an insured location; and/or
  • Bodily injury to 3 or more persons at an insured location or within 650 feet of an insured location


  • Linesize – USD 30,000,000 any one risk
  • Assets in the United States or Canada
  • Educational institutions
  • Utilities
  • Retail assets
  • Airports and transportation hubs
  • Stadia
  • Ports and terminals

No appetite for government property including:

  • Parliaments
  • Embassies
  • Tax offices
  • Police / military property

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