Protecting Livestock producers against a variety of risks ranging from mortality to theft and natural catastrophes. Including those animals commonly associated with farms such as Dairy Cattle, Beef Cattle, Poultry, Pigs, Sheep and Goats; but also extending to Deer, Llamas and Alpacas.
We also specialize in exotic species such as marine mammals as well as other animals found in zoos and aquariums.
Not only are we able to offer cover for more ‘traditional’ livestock but cover can be extended to include embryos and semen.


Our markets are generally able to cater to USD 30 million per individual farm and up to USD 2 million for an individual animal. We have as recently as within the past 12 months managed to secure upwards of USD 4 million worth of coverage for a single animal.

Capacity in the livestock market has suffered over the past couple of years with MS Amlin and Argo pulling out of the class. There are however emerging markets such as Convex who have recently joined the class to compete with the established markets AXA XL and Markel.

We’re able to offer a wide range of coverage and tailor a bespoke product to suit the client’s needs. Our markets are able to offer coverage anywhere in the world and can cater to risks of the following in both transit and in-situ risks:

  • Disease, including Government and Economic Slaughter and Prohibition of Export
  • Accidental Injury
  • Theft
  • Specified Perils such as Fire, Lightning and Windstorm
  • Transit by Air, Sea, Rail or Truck
  • Business Interruption / Loss of Revenue

We have been working alongside clients and underwriters to provide bespoke solutions to risks faced by producers of livestock for many years.


  • All Risks of Mortality – Including accident, injuries, sickness and disease (but excluding government slaughter diseases as listed by the OIE).
  • Restricted or Specified Perils – Including fire, lightning, explosion, collision/overturning of the carrying vehicle.
  • Limited Theft and Unlawful Removal – Death as a result of theft or unlawful removal. Excluding mysterious disappearances or escape


Our markets are able to offer specific coverage for OIE diseases that would ordinarily be excluded such as Swine Flu, Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease to name a few. This specific disease coverage is built in as an extension to one of either the ‘All Risks of Mortality’ or ‘Restricted Perils’ coverage options listed above. When reviewing whether to offer such coverage the underwriters take into consideration the current situation and history of the disease in the region, if the disease is currently present in the location then coverage will not be offered.

We want to work with Livestock Producers, specialist animal breeders, zoos and aquariums and owners of exotic animals.

We have a dedicated team of livestock specialists with many years of experience and excellent relationships with specialist livestock insurers and reinsurers enabling us to facilitate first-class service to our global portfolio of clients. We work alongside both clients and underwriters to develop risk management.

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