Investment in Commercial Properties has traditionally been a desirable choice for Business Owners and Investors seeking solid capital growth, a consistent monthly income, and greater security than stocks and shares. However, substantial hazards accompany substantial advantages!

When a disaster strikes- natural or man-made, the property damage and losses sustained can have a devastating impact on business operations, inventory, content, and overall profitability.

5-Star Property Insurer, CHES Special Risk, can assist brokers in providing tailored Commercial Property Insurance to protect clients from financial losses.

“CHES Special Risk’s experienced underwriting arrangements provide Commercial Insurance Policies that are highly customized to Property Owner’s needs. Having a large in-house capacity allows us to facilitate brokers in assisting their clients in obtaining broad form with extended coverage, all under one roof.”, says Joyce Rajadurai, Senior Underwriter, CHES Special Risk.

“To provide brokers with a reference, we can offer restaurant building coverage along with writing hospitality coverage for restaurants. This is part of our emphasis on one-stop shopping. If there is a schedule of commercial properties, we would be delighted to assist promptly.”, Rajadurai continued.

Highlights of MGA’s coverage:

CHES Special Risk’s mga insurance coverage provides comprehensive protection against the loss or damage of buildings, contents, stock, and other assets, as well as the risk associated with General Liability. They are also a subscription market, able to consider subscribing along with other MGA’s and standard market Insurers.

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My experience working with Ches and specifically Alex Blair Johns has been first class. In the midst of a hardening market, Ches has demonstrated to me that they are a partner committed to serve the Brokerage community and its Clients by positioning themselves as a solutions oriented leader.

James Asaad

Over all it's a very good company. I have brought Life science insurance from them and I am very much happy with them.

Richard Harris

CHES is a company that cares about the development of its employees and ensures that it brings real added value to its customers!

Francois Chretien