Reporting a Claim

We have created a number of avenues for claims advice and reporting.
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Directly to your Underwriter

Retail Brokers may report a loss to your designated Underwriter for claims reporting instructions. Upon receipt of a new loss, we will immediately notify the carrier and set the claims adjustment process in motion.

Email Us

Email our claims team directly at

24 Hour Claim Line

Our 24 hour Claims line enables our Retail Broker, or your Client, to contact our Claims Team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so when disaster strikes, often out of office hours, we are able to offer an immediate first response.
1 844 384 0867


CHES Special Risk Inc’s team of appointed claims professionals believe that our claims service is our shop window, and the sole part of the insurance transaction that can lose a valuable Retail Broker relationship, that may have taken us many years to establish. Our team of claims professionals look to assist our clients on all claim issues. This, we have found, is a unique approach within the Canadian wholesale industry.

Claim reporting

The majority of our clients choose to report losses through our offices. This ensures the loss receives our full attention and enables us to assist in monitoring the claim from first report through to payment.

Unique claims handling

For those, more complex Client accounts that have special claims handling requirements, we work with all parties to establish and identify a procedure that meets the Insured’s needs and service expectations, prior to binding the Policy.

Assistance with claim disputes and resolution

Our appointed claims Team has the technical knowledge to assist with coverage disputes. Our claim representatives, who are based here, in Ontario, are in constant contact with markets to remain current on their claim process and are aware of payment deadlines.