CHES SPECIAL RISK INC. offer a bespoke service approach to assisting in making some important decisions when it comes protecting your family’s assets and income, in future times of distress. Our team of dedicated advisors have extensive experience in sourcing the best coverage that suits your particular circumstance, whether it is larger limits of coverage required, age or health issues or that the premium for peace of mind needs to fit a family budget, we are here to help. CHES Special Risk Inc. design our products to provide a specific and tailored protection policy that gives you peace of mind at the right price.

Travel Insurance


Travel Insurance is the best way to safeguard your family and finances should something unexpected happen while you travel. Whether you are a snowbird, a family on vacation, a backpacker, a GAP year Student or a cross-border shopper, travel worry-free with emergency medical, trip and baggage coverage. We’ll help you feel protected between the lines.


  • For people traveling outside of province and Canada
  • Covers the cost of medical emergencies while outside of province
  • Might or might not include trip cancellations coverage
  • Travel Insurance covers claims arising from sudden and unforeseen circumstances.


  • Non-refundable transportation (airfare, bus and cruise tickets)
  • Non-refundable travel arrangements (accommodations, tours and event tickets)
  • Cancellation penalties
  • Expenses for delays (meals, accommodations, taxi or ride-sharing services, and more)
  • Baggage loss, damage and delay


In the event of a medical emergency that occurs outside of your province of residence, unless otherwise stated, the policy will pay reasonable and customary expenses on your behalf, up to $5,000,000 CAD.

Some eligible expenses within Canada are:

In-Hospital Care Accommodations up to semi-private rooms and hospital services and supplies necessary for the care.
Medical Services – Medical treatment by a physician or surgeon.
Diagnostic Services – such as x-rays, magnetic resonance imaging, sonograms, etc.
Prescription Medication – Drugs and medication obtained on the prescription of the attending doctor.
Emergency Dental Services – Expenses up to a maximum of $2,000, due to an accidental blow to the mouth that requires the repair or replacement of natural teeth or permanently attached artificial teeth.
Private Duty Nursing – Expenses up to a maximum of $5,000 for private duty nursing services performed by a registered Nurse (must be a non-family member) when ordered by the doctor.
Repatriation – Expenses to transport you by air ambulance (excluding helicopters) or regularly scheduled common carrier back to your province of residence for further in-hospital medical treatment.

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