Canada is set to increase immigration levels over the next three years. This is the right time for Immigration Lawyers & Consultants to get the right coverage against unintentional mishaps during this busy time.

Immigration lawyers play a significant role throughout the entire immigration process, from filing their client’s applications to representing their client’s cases in the tribunal. Any mistake can result in expensive losses for your clients. As a result, it’s vital to have the proper insurance to protect themselves against liability and litigation.

CHES Special Risk provides comprehensive Immigration Lawyers & Consultants Insurance to help them stay covered against unexpected events.

Our package protects against mistakes like:

  • Errors, negligence, or omissions in services provided by your client lead to costly losses or delays.
  • Claims of libel, slander, or false advertising from a client or third party.
  • Providing wrong advice to clients for their immigration application process.
  • Accused of not performing the services as promised.

Trust CHES for your Immigration Lawyers & Consultant clients’ insurance needs!

At CHES Special Risk, creative thinking, collaboration, and a focus on developing a deep understanding of our broker’s needs; enables us to create customized insurance solutions that help our broker partners achieve their business objectives.

Our unique offering aims to cover the risks that traditional package insurers may miss or provide at inadequate levels. We, therefore, design our products to offer specific policies that give your clients realistic coverage at the best price.

Stop Searching – Start Finding Insurance Solutions.

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Google Reviews

My experience working with Ches and specifically Alex Blair Johns has been first class. In the midst of a hardening market, Ches has demonstrated to me that they are a partner committed to serve the Brokerage community and its Clients by positioning themselves as a solutions oriented leader.

James Asaad

Over all it's a very good company. I have brought Life science insurance from them and I am very much happy with them.

Richard Harris

CHES is a company that cares about the development of its employees and ensures that it brings real added value to its customers!

Francois Chretien