It provides coverage for valuable possessions

CHES Special Risk has announced the launch of a new program for personal articles floater insurance.

In a press release, the MGA said its new coverage provides comprehensive protection for personal belongings to ensure that cherished possessions remain safeguarded against unforeseen events.

Although standard home insurance policies offer coverage for personal items such as appliances and furniture in cases of theft or loss, they may fall short of adequately covering the costs of replacing high-value possessions like jewelry, antiques, or personal computers. Exclusions and limitations within a homeowner’s policy could also lead to certain items not being covered at all.

“We understand that certain possessions hold sentimental and financial value beyond compare,” said Gary Hirst, CEO & president of CHES Special Risk. “With the personal articles floater, we are offering an extra layer of protection and peace of mind, ensuring that insured’s treasured belongings are adequately coveted.”

CHES’ private collections policy is being rolled out under the personal articles floater program. This program is available through binding facilities to third-party cover holders and seamlessly consolidates standalone private collection policies.

According to the press release, the private collections policy was designed to bridge the coverage gap for valuable personal property. It can serve as an independent insurance plan or be added as an endorsement to a homeowner’s insurance policy, depending on the insurance carrier’s requirements. It has also been tailored to provide higher coverage limits for high-value items that may exceed standard homeowner’s policy limits.

The policy is accessible to brokers representing clients in both the United States and Canada, the CHES release additionally stated.

In June, CHES Special Risk announced that it is offering customized insurance for businesses in the wedding industry, including bridal dress retail stores, wedding planners and event organizers, wedding photographers and videographers, florists and decorators, and banquet halls.

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My experience working with Ches and specifically Alex Blair Johns has been first class. In the midst of a hardening market, Ches has demonstrated to me that they are a partner committed to serve the Brokerage community and its Clients by positioning themselves as a solutions oriented leader.

James Asaad

Over all it's a very good company. I have brought Life science insurance from them and I am very much happy with them.

Richard Harris

CHES is a company that cares about the development of its employees and ensures that it brings real added value to its customers!

Francois Chretien