Pawn broker and jewellers block insurance as provided by CHES Special Risk Inc. combines their product offering with their on-line risk management tool.

Ottawa, Ontario – CHES Special Risk Inc. today emphasized their Jewellers Block Insurance Program offering.

“Jeweller’s Block Insurance is extremely important to any Jewellery store retailer, manufacturer or distributor handling high-value items such as jewellery, fine art, gold, silver and diamonds, as a single loss can have a dramatic impact upon the overall performance of the business, especially at this time of year when stock levels are at their highest “, said Douglas Everett, President of CHES Special Risk Inc.

“CHES Special Risk Inc. has provided, for a number of years, a comprehensive broad form coverage tailored to a variety of business needs, from traditional jewellery stores and pawnbrokers to furriers and bureau de change outlets, our Policy protects against loss or damage to an item in the stock of the Corporation and includes theft, burglary, coverage whilst in transit, or in the possession of a sales representative whilst on the road.

CHES Special Risk Inc. supplements the Store owners Risk Management, with access to our online criminal record and credit referencing checks that the Jewellery Store owners can access when hiring store attendants, the cost of which can be waived.

CHES Special Risk Inc. is able to offer a comprehensive range of covers that include such losses as shoplifting, Grab and Run, Trick Loss, Substitution, and accidental damage, all part of the services expected from CHES Special Risk Inc..