CHES Special Risk believes in providing policy coverage as broad and as dynamic, as may of your clients businesses, and as such, we offer an extensive General Liability Insurance offering, which can include under one policy, the following.

Comprehensive General Liability


It’s fair to say that if your clients interact with the public on a daily basis or their business activities are performed in a public area, they’ll need public liability cover. This means different things for different businesses. It could mean protecting their business against a potential claim from a client, a customer or another member of the public in the wrong place at the wrong time. CHES Special Risk Inc. provide cover for a range of business types including; tradesmen, shops, mo-bile businesses, health and beauty professionals, those who work with animals, delivery and removals and many more.


Product Liability Insurance is designed to protect the end user of a product by giving businesses the ability to quickly provide compensation if a product is defective. Though product liability largely relates to manufacturing firms, your clients business could be held liable for a faulty product wherever they fall into a distribution chain. It may be important to have product liability in place if your clients are a:

  • Business making products available to the public.
  • Manufacturer or retailer who supplies its own-branded products.
  • Business that repairs, alters or services an existing product.
  • Company who repurposes or rebrands an existing product.
  • Importer of products from places where the safety requirements differ from the country it is sold in.

We provide product liability cover as an extension of business insurance or another liability policy. Because it’s different for every business, we do not have set cover; we tailor a policy to suit you. If you are looking for public liability insurance, a Towergate policy will always offer product liability as part of the cover.


As an employer your clients are responsible for the health and safety of your employees whilst they are at work. Should their employees be injured at work or become ill as a result they may be able to claim compensation. Employer’s liability insurance enables your clients business to meet the cost of compensation awarded to injured employees as well as associated legal costs.


There is no limit in Canada as to how much a compensation claim could be. This means a serious case could be in the thousands or even millions. Professional indemnity insurance protects your client by covering the cost of a claim for compensation against them. But even if a court case is unsuccessful, your client can also claim back the cost of defending themselves in court, and receive legal advice through-out the process.


Tenants Legal Liability (TLL) covers your clients, legal liability in cases where the tenant causes fire damage to the rented property. If you rent a portion of a strip mall and your clients have a fire then their tenant legal liability will cover the damages to the area they occupy. For commercial and business insurance your clients commercial general liability coverage will step up for properties that ad-join theirs that may have been damaged.


Most insurance policies won’t cover the fixing of faulty workmanship or even the damage that is caused, or even aggravated, by faulty workmanship. Faulty workmanship is manufacturing or installation that is done poorly or incorrectly. This faulty workmanship can show up as a leaky roof, buckling walls, or bad wiring. Insurance policies do not cover the costs to repair and make right these problems. Additionally, your clients insurance policy will not cover losses or damage resulting from the shoddy workmanship. Even if a client would normally be covered for something under a policy, if it can be attributed to faulty workmanship, then your client may not be able to recover anything on a claim.


Insurance that covers expenses associated with recalling a clients product from the market. Product recall insurance is typically purchased by manufacturers such as food and beverage, toy and electronics companies to cover costs such as customer notification, shipping costs and disposal costs.


A general liability coverage, combined in standard commercial general liability (CGL) policies with personal injury (PI) coverage, that insures the following offenses in connection with the insured’s advertising of its goods or services: libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright infringement, and mis-appropriation of advertising ideas.


Pollution is often viewed as something that happens to “other” companies – the ones who deal in hazardous materials and contaminants. The fact is, most businesses (and even most individuals) could become polluters. Policies written by CHES Special Risk Inc., are extended to include the risk of Sudden and Accidental Pollution.

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