The construction industry is one of the bedrocks of the Canadian economy and Construction Insurance is one of the largest product offering that we have at CHES Special Risk, as we support the grass roots recovery of the economy.

Contractors insurance

Our offering is split into several categories, as follows:

Course of Construction & Builders Risk Insurance

  • Course of construction and builders risk insurance capacity for non combustible projects of up to CAD$30,000,000 is one offer and can be applied to construction of public infrastructure, shopping malls, power related construction, roofing, home builders, in fact all types of activity – either on a per project basis or a blanket basis for all contractor activities during a year.
  • Policy terms of up to 48 months can be written in one, non-renewable policy.
  • Policies will cover all participants on a project from the principal, managing contractor, sub contractor or Artisan to the finance house funding the works.
  • Coverage will provide for the manifestation of damage as a result of faulty design workmanship and material.

Frame Construction Insurance

  • Written very carefully with specific risk management requirements to do with waste removal and security.
  • High value home builders are a particular appetite with capacity available up to CAD$10,000,000.
  • Coverage basic as per above with longer periods considered and consequences provisions.

Wrap Up General Liability

  • We are able to offer high limits for wrap up liability, either in conjunction with the physical damage cover described above or stand alone.
  • Our wrap ups include all contracted parties on a site, with cross liability provisions.
  • Limits of up to CAD$50,000,000 are readily available.

Contractors Mobile Plant & Equipment

  • Limits of up to CAD$30,000,000 per contract site or storage locations are available. Allowing us to write fleets on a blanket basis, again, either in conjunction with the physical damage cover described above or stand alone.
  • Competitive rates and deductibles enable us to offer an advantage to our retail broker partners.
  • Basis of replacement is new for old on Items below 3 years of age.
  • All mobile plant considered from dump trucks, dozers and tower cranes.

Artisan Contractors General Liability Coverage

Working with our capacity providers we are pleased to announce the following package solution.

  • General liability limits of up to CAD$5,000,000.
  • Includes faulty workmanship for a limit of CAD$25,000.
  • Fungi and asbestos extensions.
  • Sub-limit of CAD$1,000,000 for accidental seepage and pollution extension.
  • Cyber liability included for a sub-limit of CAD$50,000.

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