CHES Special Risk Inc. is one of the pre-eminent Insurance Package providers to the Super Market, Pharmaceutical, Food, Drink, Automotive, Consumer Goods and Hospitality Industry’s. Our unique offering is to cover the risks that traditional package insurers may miss or provide at inadequate levels. We therefore design our products to provide a specific and tailored policy that gives you realistic cover at the right price.



Any food and drink manufacturer

Contamination insurance related to recalls for product safety. Triggers include Accidental Contamination, Malicious Tampering and Extortion as standard. Endorsements to include Government Recall, Third Party Loss Costs and Adverse Publicity.

Likes: Processed foods, Beverages, Bakeries, Canned Foods, Confectionary.

Dislikes: Pure ingredients, Baby food, Nuts, Distributers, Wholesalers, Packaging and bottle manufacturers.



Any automotive component manufacturer

Policy covers the cost of recall, repair or reinstallation of insured product. Option to purchase safety only or a broader product guarantee trigger that will cover all products manufactured out of specification (Product Safety or Product Guarantee). Endorsement to include Financial Loss. This includes all legal and contractual obligated costs. Policy can be purchased to cover a specific product contract or total turnover.

Likes: Stampings, extrusions, die casting, plastic mouldings, Manufacturers of small basic parts.

Dislikes: Airbags, tires, suspension modules, distributors.



Cover the business interruption claim for corporately owned, franchised and privately owned restaurants

Losses triggered by foodborne illness, supplier contamination, public health authority announcement, adverse publicity, workplace violence, disease outbreak, malicious tampering. This is aimed at larger restaurants/franchises than the Edgewater facility.

Appetite: No specific appetite

Dislikes: No specific appetite



Any final product consumer goods manufacturer

Covers the Product Defect, Government Recall or MPT for any final product.

Likes: Clothing, toys, electronics

Dislikes: Distributors, wholesalers, anything baby related



Any aviation component manufacturer

Can be used as a standalone cover or sit DIC/DIL of the insured’s current liability policy. We also cover warranty issues not covered under their current liability policy. Our cover has been endorsed by the Aircraft Builders Council.

Likes: Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 manufacturers

: Tier 1, Tires and Primes/OEMs



Appetite still under review but any manufacturer of medical devices, generic or over the counter pharmaceuticals.

Likes: Generic drugs, OTC and medical devices

Dislikes: Newly designed or licenced drugs, dietary supplements, wholesaler, distributer.



Individual and chain supermarkets

Specialist cover for supermarkets which responds to a wide range of contaminations and foodborne illness outbreaks.

Appetite: No specific appetite, but concentrating on sales under CAD 1bn

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